Friday, June 8, 2012

The in between time.....

Been thinking for a few days on what to post. Since arriving back in AZ. We have been staying at my in-laws, as we were to watch there house while they go to there summer home. I now know what so many others feel when they have to live with other people....IT SUCKS....don't get me wrong, I love my in- laws but I am too old to be living with anyone other than my husband. I have grown accustom to my own habits and time frames of doing things and now that I am in a position that I do not have to work, living with others has really messed me up. They have yet to go to their summer home so we are sharing space..... I am blessed to have my bestest friend in town and she gives me great relief and has been an awesome help with this whole move thing. I am still trying to figure my place in this whole empty nest thing and she is a great sounding board. The kids keep telling me to go to school or something but I am not there yet. Until we get into our own place my life seems in such a limbo and my feet are not planted on anything. I do miss working but am feeling relieved at the same time that I don't have to work. Pintrest has become my passion as I am a seriouse crafter and love to find new projects. I will post some pictures of a few things I have in the works..

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